Saturday, 7 December 2013


2012 was an important year for the industry of mobile applications . The App Store exceeded one million applications available only for iOS , Google Play Store passed the 700,000 mark and even in less than a month after leaving the market, the App Store surpassed 20,000 Windows 8 apps sold.

As this industry has gained much ground in recent years , we wanted to include within our site and put our users and our editorial team to choose the best application of 2012. These were the five winners .

May . Evernote

The renowned productivity application that allows users to record all your ideas in one place , just as they could in a physical book , had great prominence in 2012. In August this year, the team behind Evernote submitted a creation to make the classic notebook in an extension of the digital lifestyle.

The ' smart book ' was created to work in conjunction with the mobile version of the popular application and offer a variety of features that give users new possibilities .

In addition to the smart agenda this application we wanted that was within our five winners for its arrival to the business industry with Evernote Business , in a gesture that shows once again the importance of mobile applications and solutions today.

April . Google Now

As novel and have been filed this year by the Internet giant , Google Now was ranked four in our countdown. The application, which came with the release of Android 4.1 , shows the user information according to the history and the context in which it is located .

If, for example , if you always use the same route to go to work, Google Now is able to calculate how long it will take and propose an alternative if there is traffic jam or problems along the way. Likewise, if the application detects that the user is in an unknown location , recommends a list of nearby restaurants and tells you what the dish is known locally .

Three . Google Chrome

In addition to becoming the most popular browser in the world last May , with 310 million active users , Chrome successfully debuted on Android and iOS, especially given that the application meets all makes Chrome the best browser desktop in a cute package for mobile. Therefore, we decided to give ENTER.CO in third place in this category of our awards.

Two . Google Maps

The disaster mapping application that Apple really helped Google Maps is in the second position of our awards and it was selected by our users as the best application of 2012.

In addition to load as an alternative for people with iOS 6 , Google Maps included last August guidance of the Metro de MedellĂ­n , traffic information Bogota brought Street View to Colombia and implemented several changes and new tools to its service level world , which were presented at an event the company last June.

1. Instagram

Definitely this was the year of Instagram. The popular photo editing application was acquired by Facebook , was released in Android and reached one million users which debuted on the same day in the operating system of Google .

The reception given application among mobile users in 2012 has been such that even in October, Mark Zuckerberg said Instagram totaled 100 million downloads and in September more than 5,000 million photos were shared in service and about 5 million photos are hung every day. For all these reasons, we believe that Instagram ENTER.CO is the application of the year.